Brand and Design

Apart from the obvious occasions such as launches, re-launches, business mergers and structure changes, there are only three inter-related reasons for asking an agency to take a new look at your branding:

(1) You feel that the current  brand somehow misrepresents the reality of the product or company;

(2) That by giving out the wrong messages, you are losing – or missing out on opportunities to win – business;

(3) By failing to express internally a clear idea of the product’s or company’s personality – who you are, where you are in the market, what you stand for and where all the staff fit in – the business suffers in terms of team-building, staff attitude, discretionary effort, customer service and so on.

But beware. If your company is suffering from these sorts of problems, the hard fact is that there will probably be an element of truth in the ‘misperceptions’. And, like painting over rotten wood, a new image on its own won’t do any good in the long run.

So, if branding can’t be ‘just a whitewash’, what is the real purpose in developing your image?

Remember Daniel Defoe’s story of the castaway Robinson Crusoe? Alone on his island, Crusoe is afraid of forgetting his name, of losing his identity: “but to prevent this I cut it with my knife upon a large post, in capital letters, andmaking it into a great cross, I set it up on the beach where I first landed.”

And Crusoe comes back to the cross daily, not just to tell the passing days, but to remind himself who he is and – more important – what he stands for: a God-fearing man in a God-forsaken land. Like Crusoe’s cross, this is the function of a brand: a public affirmation of who you are, what you believe in and the ideals you aspire to. In short, a sound brand or corporate identity should give you and your staff something to live up to.

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