Online Marketing

Online marketing doesn’t stop at the first page of Google. It’s a nice place to start, but there is a lot more to online marketing than a few PPC ads and a thousand keywords on your page.

If you have a website (or if you don’t, did we mention we can build them too?) it’s important to get people to visit it – and for the right reason. There is no point in having hundreds of people coming to your website only to leave again furious that they didn’t find what they were looking for.

That’s where we come in. If you need help on-site, we have developers, designers and copywriters that will first get your website in tip-top condition. Only then does Google come into play.

SEO. Search engine optimisation. Natural search. Keyword marketing. However you describe it, we do it. It’s the first building block in your online presence.

Thereafter, we can help you out with PPC, link building, Facebook campaigns, affiliates, online ads, social media strategy, online PR, email marketing, mobile apps – everything you need for your complete online presence.