Public Relations

We offer clients ‘integrated’ PR through our sister company Smarts.

Our aim is to help you manage, promote, protect the reputation of your brand and/or organisation.

Strategic communications: Being able to see the ‘big picture’ is one of our key strengths. Cutting through the swathes to reach the heart of the matter and advise accordingly is what we’re good at.

Stakeholder communications: Scoping and understanding the needs and desires in reaching and engaging with different stakeholders is the foundation of the work we do in this area, from stakeholder mapping to audits and consultation work.

Media relations: The media market place is fragmenting and clients appreciate the targeted and considered approach taken to ensure we maximise the right coverage in the right place – both offline and online.

Social media: From Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to blogger relations and forums, we engage these channels to develop relationships while also monitoring what is being said to help protect our clients.

Public affairs: Our integrated public affairs and public relations approach ensures that when it comes to building awareness, engagement, policy change or handling issues, a strategic approach is taken to who needs to know what, when and how.

Sponsorship: In advising and exploiting third party relationships whether it’s a sports sponsorship to a charity involvement, we make the tie-up ‘sweat’ for our client to maximise the association.

Event management: Effective event management relies on superb attention to detail and creative flair, both of which we have in abundance.

Crisis and issues management: You can count on us to be a discrete sounding board and an effective operator when it comes to advising on those times when things don’t go according to plan or there’s bad news to communicate.