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How to Prepare Your Home for Termite Fumigation

If you have ever experienced a termite infestation in your home or know somebody who has, you know how upsetting and stressful it can be. Not only do termites cause expensive damage, they are also expensive to get rid of. In fact, termites cost homeowners more than 5 billion dollars in treatment and repairs each year. There are two types of termites: subterranean and drywood. Drywood termites cause the most damage in the US and can only be eliminated by tent fumigation. Why Choose Fumigation?In some very mild cases, spot treatment can eliminate all drywood termites in a home. But in most cases, by the time termites have been detected, the infestation is full-blown. Tent fumigation is the only way to kill 100% of the termites in a home.Yearly inspection by a pest control expert can prevent mass infestation.About FumigationFor over 50 years, Vikane gas fumigant (made by Dow AgroSciences) has proved to effectively eliminate drywood termites. This is the gas of choice for all termite fumigators in the US. Vikane ...


Career Choices for Kitchen and Bathroom Designers

Working within the KBB Industry The Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market, often shortened to KBB, is one of the most diverse industries in which to work and one which is rarely truly appreciated or understood by recruiters. That is why it is prudent to seek out an agency that both understands this diverse niche and is quick to realise your personal goals and ambitions, in summary expert in KBB recruitment.There are many different levels at which to work within this sector, albeit as an experienced Kitchen Designer or Showroom Manager. The skill sets are quite varied and the paths that can be taken alter depending on the ambitions of the individual. As an experienced kitchen designer you could be using the latest CAD software to design and inspire your customers, providing them with a 3D visualisation of their final room layout. Planit or 20-20 are commonly used but there are a variety of packages on the market and familiarity on one will usually lead to a quick understanding of another. Some kitchen designers...


How Do You Identify a Window's Manufacturer?

Crash! You hear the sound, instantly knowing what it is. Someone has broken one of your windows. Since you did not install them yourself, you suddenly face a horrible decision. Do you replace just the broken window, risking the danger that the windows may not match, or do you replace all of your home's windows at once, a process that is likely not within your home improvement budget? The good news is that you do not have to choose between these two options. If you can identify the window's manufacturer, you may be able to get an identical replacement, allowing you to replace the broken window without disrupting the overall look of your home, or your carefully balanced budget.Additionally, many windows have a warranty, and you may not know of this warranty if you did not install the windows on the home. The warranty may also pay for replacement parts, such as broken seals or latches, not just broken glass. Some manufacturers even provide lifetime warranties on their windows, so identifying the manufacturer is ...


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